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Becoming a Patient (MD)

Though cannabis is legal for Adult Use in the state of Maryland, there are still benefits to becoming a Certified Patient. Such as, access to a dispensaries full menu of products (higher potency edible/ingestibles and concentrates) as well as tax excemtion on purchased medical items. Now, high potency is great and all but you can sign me up for tax exemptions any that money!!!

Below is a guide to becoming a patient for any Maryland Resident 18+.

  1. Register with the State through the Maryland Cannabis Adminstration (MCA)

    1. Must complete registration in one sitting

      1. There is a non-refundable $25 fee.

    2. Best to have all required documention in digital form ready to upload

      1. Active/Valid Email Address

      2. Full 9-digit SSN

      3. Electronic copy of Valid ID

        1. Drivers License, State issued ID, Military ID (both sides), US Passport

          1. If not a MD issued ID, or listed address is differen than current address, further documention will be needed.

          2. As well as a Passport-Like Photo

      4. Proof of Maryland Residency

  2. Make an appointment with a Medical Cannabis Certifying Physician.

    1. These are medical professionals who are able to verify that you suffer from one of the programs qualifying condistions.

      1. Cachexia, Anorexia, Wasting Syndrome, Severe or Chronic pain, Severe Nausea, Seizures, Severe or Persistent Muscle Spasms, Glaucoma, PTSD, or another Chronic Medical Condition which is severe and for which other treatments have been ineffective

    2. There are several great groups that assist with this step in the process by connecting you with one of their partnered Certifying Physicians. Many of which offer telemed services for convenience

      1. Prices will vary so be sure to vet your options. The state does also provide a list of all Certifying Physicians in the state which you can find here.

    3. It's recommended you come to the appointment prepared with documention from your Primary Care/other physician regarding your history with one of the qualifying condistion listed above, as well as your MCA ID Number ready to provide

  3. Patient ID

    1. Once certified, you will have access to your Temporary Patient ID, which you can print and use until your Medical ID arrives in the mail.

    2. The Temporary ID should be available to you within 24 hrs after your appointment

    3. Your actual ID card should arrive within a couple weeks.


    1. After you've printed your Temp. ID, or received your card in the mail, it's time to find a dispensary near you

      1. There are about 100 scattered throughout Maryland, an I encourage trying as many as you can, but you can find one near you with a simple search on Maps

    2. Highly recommended checking out the dspensary website to browse the menu. It's extremely helpful having an idea of what you're looking for before heading in.

      1. If you're brand new to cannabis, walk in confident knowing you're in great hands. All Staff members are educated and their to help guide you on your journey. Let them know what effects you're looking for and they'll be help you find the product for you!

        1. You can also check out my previous posts to learn more about cannabis before diving in!!

There are options for Minors and Hospice Patients with a similar process but details can be found in those links.

Remember, whether a patient or recreational user, cannabis is great for both fun and function. It can be a lengthy process to find the right products for both so enjoy the journey and be smart with your consumption!

Happy Huffs!!


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